Tuesday, 20 February 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 50

An Degves Dedh ha Dogans

De Meurth, ügensves mis Whevrel. Jorna teg o ha me o moas en kerres (kerdhes) war nans dhe’n savla kyttrin. An howl a spladnas keth (kenth) o an gwens yeyn. En kyttrin me a redyas lever en Kernowek (KS) – “Aventurs Alys in Pow an Anethow”.
Tuesday, 20th February. It was a lovely day as I was walking downhill to the bus stop. The sun shone though the wind was cold. On the bus I read a book in Cornish (KS) – “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.
En Truru me a vetyas gen cowethes rag kescows ha coffy. Nei a gemeras tabm ly ewedh. Nei a dhetermyas dhe vetya arta nessa seythen rag dalla (dalleth) class Kernôwek nowydh. Nei a vedh junys gen deskyblon erel, ma esperans dhebm.
In Truro I met a friend for a chat and coffee. We had a spot of lunch as well. We decided to meet again next week to start a new Cornish class. We will be joined by other learners, I hope.
Ha jorna teg o whath ha me o kerres (kerdhes) war vena dhe’m chei.
And it was still a lovely day as I walked uphill to my house.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 43

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An Dogensves Dedh ha Trei

De Meurth, terdhegves mis Whevrel. Compes o an dhargan. Thera glaw lowr e’n nos – ev a wras lidn a-ves dh’agan daras rag. E vedh odhom dhen a voas mes dreth an daras adenewen (tû) po an daras deler.
Tuesday, 13th February. The forecast was right. There was plenty of rain in the night - it has made a lake outside our front door. We’ll need to go out through the side door or the back door.
De Meurth specyal ew hedhyw; de Meurth Enes (Enys). Dedh ew dhe wül crampeth. Ma neb powyow o senjy gool, “Mardi Gras”, de Meurth blonejek (de Meurth sô). Avorow a vedh an kensa dedh en Corawys. Hengovek ew dhe sevel ort debry en Corawys, rag hedna debrys o oll an boos blonejek (sô) ha rych (blonek, oyow, bleus, leth, con, h.e.) an diwettha dedh ken Corawys. Ena an düs a brederas adro dhe’n peghasow anjei (adro dh’aga feghasow), parys rag confessyon an nessa dedh.
It’s a special Tuesday today, Shrove Tuesday. It’s a day to make pancakes. Some countries hold a carnival, “Mardi Gras”, greasy or fatty Tuesday. Tomorrow will be the first day in Lent. It is traditional to fast in Lent, so all the rich, fatty food (fat, eggs, flour, milk, sugar, etc.) was eaten up the last day before Lent. Then people thought about their sins, ready for confession the next day.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 30

This is a taster of A Year of Late Cornish

An Degves Dedh Warn Ügens
The Thirtieth Day

De Merher, üdnegves warn ügens a vis Genver. Hebm ew an diwettha dedh mis Genver. Ew an jedh ma arbednek war neb coor? Nag ew an jedh arbednek, saw e vedh wharvos terweythüs haneth en nos. Nei a wra gweles gor loor las.
Wednesday, 31st January. This is the last day of January. Is this day special in some way? The day is not special, but there will be a rare event tonight. We will see a blue super moon.
Pandr’ew loor las? Thew loor las an nessa loor leun en mis calender. Ma lavar “eneth en loor las” rag wharvos terweythüs. An kensa loor leun en mis Genver a veu Calan Genver. An gwella pres dhe weles an gor loor las ma en Kernow a vedh dew ar glogh (diw eur) e’n mettin (po nag eus cloud).
What is a blue moon? A blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. There is a saying “once in a blue moon” for a rare event. The first full moon in January was New Year’s Day. The best time to see this super blue moon in Cornwall will be about two o’clock in the morning (if there is no cloud).
Pandr’ew gor loor? Nag üjy an loor o qwaya dro dhe’n Norves en kelgh. Nag ew resegva an loor compes. Terweythyow ma’n loor a bell. Terweythyow ma hei nes. Loor leun en ogas ew gor loor.
What is a super moon? The moon does not move round the Earth in a circle. The moon’s orbit is not uniform. Sometimes the moon is far away. Sometimes it is nearer. A nearby full moon is a super moon.
Ha loor wooj? Liw an loor en neb teller a vedh cogh, an liw gooj. Saw na vedh rüdh en Kernow. Ma odhom a dhifygyans an loor; an Norves a dalvia boas tredh an howl ha’n loor. An difygyans a vedh re dhiwedhes rag Kernow.

And a blood moon? The colour of the moon somewhere will be blood red, the colour of blood. But it won’t be red in Cornwall. A lunar eclipse is needed: the Earth should be between the sun and the moon. The eclipse will be too late for Cornwall.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

A Year of Late Cornish

For the time being I am doing a short daily bilingual post in a new blog. Hopefully you will find it good revision until I put up more lessons on this blog.


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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Tabm a Gernow 109 (Making Christmas cards)

Otta nei en Truru e’n dohajedh eus passyes. Nei a wrüg mettya en boosty bian henwys “Lily’s” rag debry li po eva te. Nena nei a wras cartednow  Nadelik en tavas Kernôwek.  Nei a scrifas, “ Nadelik mery” po “Nadelik lôwen dhewgh. Ehes da ha sowena e’n Vledhen Nowydh.”

Pandra dhe dhelinya? 
Nei a dhowesas gwedh Nadelik gen tegednow, kelyn ha idhyow, royow Nadelik, clegh, steren ha garlons, oll en maner Keltek po a’n Brithoryon/Vrithoryon (Pictish). Pe liw ew Nadelik? Gwer/glas ha rüdh martesen! 

Monday, 28 August 2017

Tabm a Gernow 108 (white straw)

Scon (whare) e vedh mis Gwedngala (September). Ma cala (straw) solabres en lies gwel. Trehys ew an ys (corn). E'n pras ma barlys (barley) o an drevas (crop). Whei ell godhvos pedn barlysen dhort y vlew hir ha calish. Nag eus blew hir dhe waneth (wheat) po kergh (oats).

Ma garrednow (stalks) berr o sevel en resow. Nag ew an cala whath gwydn en tien, kethew gwydn lowr. An tiek (farmer) a wra doas scon gen y arder (plough). Ev a wra aras an gwel rag an nessa trevas. (En pelder whei ell gweles Goonhavern. En termyn eus passyes gwerwels (pasture) o rag bestys en hav.)

Pe le ma an ys  lebmyn? Martesen kemerys ew dhe chei brihy (brewery) rag gwil cor (martesen "Korev"). Ma meur a gor evys en Kernow!  An cala ew kemerys e'n bargen tir (farm) rag an lodnow (cattle), saw ma radn gerys en pilyow war an tir.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Tabm a Gernow 107 (flowers and art)

En cresen lowarth whei ell perna planjow o plejyowa ha whei ell perna has rag gonis losow rag flourys. 

Hedhyw whei ell gweles ha perna flourys en brithow. Ma liwyansow en disqwedhyans art  a wedh gen flourys, arran ha blejow tulifant. Thew an wedh liwys gen liwyow dowr. Liwys en oyl po acrylic ew an arran ha blejow tulifant. Thens gen limners dihaval.

Ew da genowgh whei losow o tevy en keow? Leun a liwyow ew an keow en Kernow. Leun a liwyow ew an brithow e'wedh.

Ma ken maner a obery dhe'n artiss ma. Nag üjy hei o cül devnidh a scübeligow  ha paynt. Na. Hy daffar hei ew  gweljow bian, paper ha glüs. Ma hei o trehy shapys ha composa anjei war wel ken aga glena. Lebmyn thens stag. Otta borelesyow en botel.